4 Kornaz Music

4’K Productions Inc.

(4’kornaz Productions)


4’Kornaz Productions is composed of two of the West Coasts’ premier producers: NaQuin (Nik Nak) Batson and Alfred (Big Freezy) Rice. Between the two you have: artists, engineers, music producers, musicians and specialists in artist development.


            Nik Nak Batson began making a name for himself in Pasadena, California on the underground circuit during the late '90s. Nik Nak kept busy as a producer, beginning in 1998-2001 on several independently released mixtapes. He put his career aside and began working primarily as a beat-maker compiling music over the years with various artists such as: Warner Brothers Records “ Somethin For The People”, Ruthless Records -– “Michael Holmes”, Warner Brothers - “ Diablo ”, Def Jams - “Ne-yo”, DoggHouse Records - “Cognac XO”, Hoobangins Blue Divisions “Quiz”, video games and movie soundtracks. In addition to his solo career he started working with Alfred (Big Freezy) Rice in the mid-2000s; this has been a partnership in the making and finally has become a reality in what is known as 4’K Productions Inc.

            Freezy Rice has been involved with music from childhood; from helping his uncle with his music recordings Record Producer Howie Rice; to attentively learning the piano at an early age and eagerly learning the Bass Guitar from his father. Big Freezy became a professional Bassist at the age of 15 by playing Bass Guitar for Ricky Grundy and Andrae Crouch. Following his secular career he moved on to non-secular music and began working hand in hand with Alex Ortiz (Interscope Engineer) and Frank Nitty (A&R). Through these relationships Freezy has worked with various artists over his career including but not limited to: 40 Glocc, Bone Thugs In Harmony, Bad Azz, Lady Of Rage, Jayo Felony, Glasses Malone, Spider Loc, and many more…

            Currently Big Freezy is CEO of 4’K Productions Inc. where he has partnered up with his mentor Nik Nak (CEO Straight Lace Hustle) to take West Coast music in a new direction…Lifestyle Music!

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