5 Foot Thick

Heavy metal band Five Foot Thick were formed in Spokane , WA , in late 1997 by musicians who were veterans of earlier groups. After personnel changes in the rhythm section, the lineup solidified as a quintet consisting of singer Bryan Dilling, guitarist George Silva, keyboard player Matt "Gzus" Gonzales, bass player Kris Demers, and drummer Silas McQuain. Five Foot Thick developed a following through live work around the Northwest over the next several years, and in 2000 the band self-released their first album, Circles. That helped increase their exposure, to the point that Five Foot Thick was opening for national touring acts and finding larger venues to headline. Eventually, the band sold out the 750-seat Metropolitan Theater of Performing Arts in Spokane . In May 2003, Five Foot Thick signed a national recording contract with Eclipse Records, resulting in the release of the group's first nationally distributed album, Blood Puddle, on November 4, 2003.

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