Adam Szczepkowski

Born in Houston, TX after traveling the world in the womb.  Adam “Ace” Szczepkowski started as many in middle school band playing sax and self teaching himself piano, keys, guitar and bass throughout middle school and high school.  Starting in high school he began experimenting with recording and production with a digital 8 track and a handful of drum machines, keyboards, guitars,basses and a handful of bands, hip hop artists and singers. Once in college at LSU he began deejaying various electronic music styles starting with trance and quickly moving on to drum and bass, hip hop and house music at venues all throughout Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and New Orleans, which he also began producing through drum machines, keyboards and Reason.   During his last semester at LSU, he completed an internship at the LSU Recording Studio in 2004 and turned half of his parents home into a full blown studio.  After three years of recording professionally and feeling the need to tighten up his Rock recording skills after mastering Hip Hop, Electronica, RnB, and Acoustic music, Adam went and graduated among top of his class at the Recording Workshop in Ohio 2007.  With his rock and live music skills polished he went on to record countless albums since then and has ever perfected his own compositions ranging from Hip Hop, Electronica, Rock and Singer Songwriter with many placements with local artists and radio play within the region.  After many studio locations and setups Adam Szczepkowski currently runs Padded Cell Studios built in a 1920s home featuring a 5 room studio A with two iso booths, drum booth, live room and control room and a Studio B with a control room supporting 5.1 mixing, a full blown production rig and an iso booth. Teaming up with a handful of musical prodigies over the years he has become a vital member of production crew known as The Fly Collective with placements ranging from Leon Ware, Curren$y, The Rap Pack, Eunice Love (songwriter for Timberland over the past decade), a few BET music matters artists, and countless local indie artists!  With a keen ear for great songs, production, mixing and mastering Adam Szczepkowski can provide pristine music and songwriting for a wide variety of styles and projects!

Hear Adam's Music Here.