Amapola Dry

Amapola Dry is a musical project that began in 2009 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since then Sofia Juan and Martin Fuks have been touring with Amapola Dry in a duo format, playing in several clubs in Europe, South America and Central America, and eventually they moved to New York City in 2011. In 2012 they assembled a five-piece band, and ever since they performed in several venues in the city, including emblematic places such as Nublu, Drom and The Bitter End among others.

The link thread in Amapola's music is Tango, revealed in the lyrics, the melodies and the instrumentation, and taking elements from pop, jazz and world music, common inputs in this global culture. You could find in our music influences from down-tempo and trip-hop, including Asian-underground beats and break-beat accents.

We use traditional instruments (bandoneon, guitar, piano), altogether with electronic sounds, taking from this new "palette" the closer colors, on feeling and deepness, to our Tango "flavor". The show includes live visuals, complemented by real-time interactive projections, recreating a "live movie" experience. Welcome to Amapola’s neighborhood, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the Music.

Here Amapola Dry's Music Here.