Amie Penwell

Take the voice of an angel and drop it one octave, like a lover's moan, that’s the sound of Amie Penwell. Her voice seduces the listener with a mixture of grit and polish that gives honesty a whole new meaning. A vocal mix of Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel, a little U2, and a whole a lot soul. This is Amie Penwell.

She began singing at the Walnut Hill School of the Arts outside of Boston, Massachusetts, but wasn’t ready to pursue a career in music. Amie’s interest in music continued to grow slowly over time, along with her admiration for such artists as Neko Case, Chris Whitley, Jeff Buckley, and Radiohead. Then in 2004, music took on new significance in Amie Penwell’s life as a means of self expression. “It became the sole way I could express myself to people who were not available for certain conversations. I was being asked to change in ways I didn’t know I could. Music helped me with those transitions.

Amie’s underground hit single, “Mercy,” along with “Show Me to the River” were recently featured in the award-winning 2012 documentary, The Eyes of Thailand -- narrated by Ashley Judd. The soulful, emotive quality of her music along with her elegant, Modigliani-esque looks made fans take notice. In 2010, Amie was featured on the cover of Somojo Magazine for their Spring 2010 issue and Amie was voted runner up for Best Pop Artist of the Year on listener-supported Somojo Radio, where her song “What Would Love Do?” spent ten weeks at number one on the urban grooves chart).
Penwell, now a best selling author after contributing to ABOW (A Band Of Wives) first anthology “Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God” along the likes of Joyce Maynard, Deborah Santana, and creator Christine Bronstein. The book was endorsed by Icon Eve Ensler, given rave reviews by Ms. Magazine and was released in October of 2012 debuting at #1 on

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