ATB Team

Our mission at Above the Bar is to be the people we were meant to be. To beAbove the Bar means that you only do your best. There is the bar and thenthere is us. Satisfactory does not satisfy us. Johnny Bousquet is a gifted producer and songwriter from Seattle Wa. Knownto his friends as "Johnny da Baptizt" innovation is Johnny's business.Staying ahead with groundbreaking production is what he's best at. With a double major in M.I.D.I Music Production and Audio Engineering, his musicalknowledge goes far past what he learned in college. Johnny's diverse musicalbackground and upbringing, as well as his talent, education, and love formusic provide him with the abilities to write and produce well for multiplegenres. Artist development is Johnny's core business. He's excellent atbringing the best out of any artist he works with. Flair and tenacity aresome of the strengths Johnny brings to the studio. Johnny is also producing the young and talented child singer Lianna Maureen.Her singles "Thats alright" and "B Fam Jam" are destined to be familiyfavorites!!!!! other artist Johnny has written for and or produced include..Gute Productions,Balleys health club,Marlie Pesek Nick Baker, Athena, DylanHughes, Reef Encounter, Linzi Parker, Lianna, Luni Coleone, Jess Ekegren,Tracy Ferrara, Nima Abassi, Red Apple Agency, Helena Azevedo, JensinaByngton, and many more!!!!

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