Babi Mendes

From the city of Santos, in Brazil, Babi Mendes started studying English at the age of 9 and singing at the age of 14. She studied at local conservatories, 4act Performing Arts and Musical Theatre in Sao Paulo.

Since, Babi has performed in jazz duos, quartetcs and bands. With the nature love of her native Brazilian popular music, American music has always been her greatest influence. Since the beginning, Babi had demonstrated a particular interest in Jazz, Blues, Bossa Nova and Rhythm’n’blues.

As the granddaughter of the Brazilian composer Dináh Menezes, performing is naturally in her blood. This soft, sexy, smooth songbird is sure to put a smile on your face, make you bob your head, tap your foot and want to reminisce of life’s wonders and woos. Sit back and enjoy Babi’s world of wonders. Groove with her hip twist of a new generation of an old classic jazz sound. Princess Blue is proud to present to you, exclusively, for your consideration, Babi Mendes.


Short Stories is her debut album and was released in Brazil in March, 2011. It is an independent release of ten of her original songs.

Since then she has been nominated to Brazil’s most prestigious award: Premio da Musica Brasileira, in the Best Album in a Foreign Language category.

Babi wrote the songs from “Short Stories” between 2003 and 2010.

And now she signed a record deal in Japan with Rip Curl Recordings for the Japanese version of her album. Short Stories is available on and iTunes.

Hear Babi's Music Here.