Baron Misuraca

From the darkened streets of New York city comes forth Baron Misuraca - horror icon, frontman of the renowned metal band Vasaria, alternative model and writer/main character of the In Flesh and Spirit comic book series.

Known for his brooding baritone voice and floor length hair, Baron has certainly left his indelible mark within the realm of the Goth subculture and beyond. He has performed to audiences the world over and has been featured on MTV, in independent film projects, and within the pages of countless publications.

Now, Reaching deep within his darkest recesses, Baron Misuraca has currently embarked upon his latest musical endeavors - an emergence into the world of dark electronica backed by a live performance spectacle not to be missed - and a vampiric lounge act featuring the works of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, to name a few.

May the last voice you hear be Baron Misuraca's...

Hear Baron's Music Here.