Becca Hess

Born into a musical family, it did not take long before Becca
heard the music calling her to come out and play; and play she does!
Heavily influenced by many genres of classic music, Becca has a very
unique eclectic sound that crosses many boundries. She started out
singing with her big sister in the back seat of her daddy's truck as he
drove across the country performing shows. The 2 girls spent many
days and nights selling dads CDs to his fans. But doing merch was not
what Becca had in mind, no she wanted that spot light and she was
willing to work for it.

Since that time she has earned herself a very loyal fan
following in her hometown of Fort McMurray AB. There she
performs on a regular basis at various functions including the
Winterplay and Interplay festivals, a string of local pubs and night
clubs and various community events. Most notably Becca has opened
shows for such major artists as Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Wynonna Judd,
Travis Tritt , Trooper, Sweeney Todd, Dwight Yoakam and many more. She
has performed at the Merritt Mountain Music Fest, the Rockin' River
Music Fest (in Mission BC) she has also been invited to play at the
542 Music Fest in Deming Washington. She is not only a talented
singer and entertainer but a gifted songwriter with a big book of
songs she is ready to record. Her performances on YouTube have
received some 45 thousand views.

Everyone around Becca Hess feels she is ready to step on the big
stage and take her shot…

So if you hear a bang coming out of the north don't let it scare you…
It's just Becca Hess

Hear Becca's Music Here.