Benn Cutarelli

Benn is a songwriter and composer. His melodies and harmonic treatment are crossed between country, alternative country and pop. Benn believes that songwriting as well as composition is a continuous improvement process. Benn started out as a drummer in a four piece band from his home town of Marion, Ohio. Benn’s interest and involvement with composition and songwriting continued to grow.

Benn enlisted in the military, and while at the U.S. Air Force Academy, he was assigned to the music department where he wrote percussion ensemble compositions.

After Benn’s military service, he attended and graduated from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Music Education. 

Benn plays drums, piano, acoustic and electric guitars, and produces his own demos at a small home recording studio in Marion, Ohio.

You have heard Benn’s music on the History Channel, Animal Planet and others. Benn believes in challenging himself everyday with new melodies grooves.

Hear Benn's Music Here.