Black Heart Vacancy

While the tale of Black Heart Vacancy is a common tale of band formations, the members are anything but. After years of crossing paths when performing at numerous sold out arena's and sharing the stage with some of rocks biggest bands, It was not until the separation of their previous bands, Adema & Rumblefish, and a few beers at The Rainbow room in Los Angeles, that fueled the formation of the new project.

Black Heart Vacancy pairs California natives, Mike Ryan vocals and guitarist/producer Mike Ransom, the result is a sonic landscape of heavy guitars, pretty melodies with roots of hard hitting, gutsy rock.

The group's self-titled debut album was released April 06, 2010 through Indie label Baked Fresh Records. The three song set was recorded and produced by Mike Ransom and showcases their refined rock infused pop/punk by attacking every song with infectious enthusiasm. 

You can follow Black Heart Vacancy radio play on:
ex1065 radio in Sacramento
MasRockRadio, Mexico, City
REactor Radio in Mexico
Q102 in Texas and Oklahoma
numerous other internet radio stations, pirate rock radio (CA/TX)

Distribution through itunes, US, UK, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Canada

"Manoverboard" Video on Blank TV


Hear Black Heart Vacancy's Music Here.