Who is he?  What is he?  BogglesWorth is an up and coming producer from the Southern California desert.  His music is enjoyed by many for its unique style and melodic meets melancholy vibe. From an early age BogglesWorth found a passion for music, either making beats with pots and pans or creating melodies with his generic electronic store keyboard.  As he grew, so did his style and skill, but he just never seemed to find his place in music. 

Years later, in his teens, he found a love for Electronic Music, and began experimenting extensively with that genre. That was seven years ago and BogglesWorth is now the number one EDM artist in the Mohave Desert. Whether he is rocking a venue to it’s foundation or working in his studio, BogglesWorth is the artist to watch this year. When asked why he hides his identity he responded, “I want people to connect with my music… Not an image, look or scene…  Appreciate the art.  Be odd.” 

So we may not know what he looks like, but we do know this young artist is rising to the top with his counter-culture ideals and rebel attitude.  This is the year of BogglesWorth.  Stay tuned.

Hear BogglesWorth's Music Here.