Brent Magstadt

Brent Magstadt was born in the cold rocky winds of Montana, weathered in the Pacific NW rains, and finally crawled out from under Seattle's gray mantle by moving to Hawai'i.

With backgrounds in jazz, classical, and rock/folk, Magstadt is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and performer (including stage shares with Andy Narrell, Carl Fontana, Matt Catingub, Paul McKee, Steve Houghton, and Randy Brecker). In addition to an extensive log of performances over the years in the US, he has toured through Europe playing festivals & Inns, and pubs, composed for radio, television/film and scored for software companies.

In 2005 Magstadt released his first solo effort, a self-titled CD on his label Slippina Disc. The disc is a solid compilation of funk rock, and acoustic pieces.

In summer of 2009 he and wife Sherri Thal (Lava Jam Band, The Elementalz, Triple Scoop) completed setting up Wun Whirled Studios on the Big Island of Hawai'i, and released their initial public offering: The Elementalz - a solid EP set of original acoustic music. This was followed by The Elementalz - Rain Love, released April 2013.

In addition to writing/recording for the Elementalz next release, Magstadt writes Film/Television music for multiple production music libraries. Magstadt also continues to compose instrumental rock fusion for small ensembles, writes/co-writes alternative rock/acoustic, pens chamber orchestra pieces whenever possible, and maintains an occasional sideman presence on the Big Island as a guitarist for various ensembles, from jazz to rock to folk.

Hear Brent's Music Here.