Campus Thieves

Campus Thieves consists of members Caleb Steinwandt (guitar), Ryan McGale (keys / vocals), Spencer Huddleston (bass), Codie Fetter (guitar) and Mac Huddleston (drums); all of whom have strong musical backgrounds with over ten years of performing experience. 

After coming together and forming an unbreakable friendship at an early age, the band started to write and create all forms of music. They released a four song EP in 2010 and by late 2011 Campus Thieves started recording their first self-titled debut album filled with a range of tracks that demonstrate the diversity of the band. 

"Part of the group’s mass appeal is the diverse rhythms and sounds of their songs from the psychedelic imagery based You and I to the intoxicated rock-infused The Chaser to the 80s beat pop Organ Donor" - St. Albert Gazette 

While touring Western Canada in the spring of 2012, the album was released and has had much success with their growing fan base. With a powerful stage presence and unique sound, this group is known for their eclectic, shirt tearing and energetic live performances to audiences of 25,000 plus. With the ability to create dynamically haunting melodies and intense instrumental breakdowns, they have also been compared to Grizzly Bear, Radiohead and early Pink Floyd. 

With all this in mind, the band's recent performances include ringing in the New Year at Edmonton's annual New Year's Eve Festival (broadcasted live by CityTV) and opening for rock and roll legends Harlequin and Doug and the Slugs.

Today, Campus Thieves continue to progress as musicians and strive towards being successful contributors to the North American music scene.

Hear Campus Thieve's Music Here.