Cancer Killing Gemini

As bandleader, songwriter and producer of Cancer Killing Gemini, Boston native Eric Michael Cohen brings elements of industrial and downtempo together with a strong focus on songwriting. In addition to the traditional rock band arrangements, Eric is also proficient in more traditional dance and electronic genres with a focus on big beat.

The band, formed in 2010, records and releases one song a month. The process has allowed their releases to act as a living history of the changes that have taken place in the band's sound. From the anthemic "Christcontrol" to the Latin influnced "Vaseline For The Vomit Queen", from the soft emotion of "Umbilical" to the racy rock'n'roll of "Put Out Or Get Out", Cancer Killing Gemini incorporates a number of diverse elements while retaining its own style. The band is currently performing in the Northeast US.

Hear Cancer Killing Gemini's Music Here.