Claudio Valenzuela

Claudio Valenzuela, the unmistakable voice of Lucybell, has launched himself as a solo artist upon the International Music scene. Claudio’s first solo record, an album titled simply, "GEMINI", offers eleven songs conceived, composed and created in English and Spanish, that speak of love, life and death, with lyrics that reveal different scenarios and soundscapes and explore a musical journey that travels from acoustic to rock, and many other places in between.

The album, available through Accidental Muzik, Inc, is co-produced and engineered by Adam Moseley, whose credits include two very successful albums with Lucybell, “Lumina” and “Comiendo Fuego”.

“GEMINI” is truly a labour of love that shows Claudio’s dedication to establish a personal sound and expression as a solo and bilingual artist. Many musical influences are reflected in the unforgettable vocal melodies and dynamic musical arrangements that demonstrate the singer and songwriter’s artistic range, versatility and depth of spirit as he steps out as a solo artist. And of course, Claudio also continues to perform with Lucybell, the hugely successful Chilean band that he has fronted for more than16 years and achieved huge acclaim and many devoted fans throughout Latin America, Mexico and the US.

In making “GEMINI”, Valenzuela explains that "this album represents an intimate personal journey and demonstrates what I can do musically, especially given that, with the exception of only a couple of instruments, I played everything myself". The album came to life during a three year period while Claudio traveled and lived in Los Angeles, Mexico City and Santiago de Chile.
"For me", explains the Chilean artist - "this has been a great challenge given that I have always worked with my band mates from Lucybell. Making "GEMINI" has allowed me to explore and delve deep inside myself, developing over the course of time all the possible sounds and different atmospheres to truly represent the purpose and emotion of each song and its story"

"La Aguja En Tu Ropa" is the first single, released with a beautiful and imaginative video that portrays the complexity and visual interpretation of Claudio’s poetic lyrics and imagery.

Until now, Claudio Valenzuela is most known as the voice and guitar of the group Lucybell, a group that not only has achieved superstar status in Chile, but has also firmly established itself in other countries across the continent, especially Mexico, which has become a second home for the rock trio.

Today, with his first solo project, Valenzuela will offer his national and international audiences a work written in three different countries, performed in two languages, which explores a broad range of ideas and emotions through different musical styles; an album that is already receiving rave reviews from his many devoted fans and followers.

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