Cody Marks

Born and raised in Miami, Cody Marks, young and rowdy, was found in Key Largo's biker bars every Sunday happily taking the mic and singing to the crowds. Her father always pushed her to go on and sing her heart out. Offstage, her rowdy behavior didn't bode so well with her teachers, and she found herself being disciplined more so than not. The turning point in her life was the moment she heard Aerosmiths' "You See Me Crying". She then knew what she wanted to do with her life: Rock.

Cody found the first step to be simple – buy a cheap guitar and never stop playing. She wrote and played her songs every hour of every day. Straight out of high school, she packed her guitar, hopped on a bus and left for the bright lights of Los Angeles. Cody was following the path of a rock star. While waiting tables to help make ends meet, she formed an all girl rock band called Honey House and regularly sold out local clubs. Soon, Cody felt it was time to do 'her own thing'. She disbanded Honey House and followed the path of her country superstar heroes, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, to Nashville.

Marks found her voice in Nashville. Industry folks and her fans describe it as a rich blend of Janis Joplin and Cash, and intensely personal. Marks wants her audience to feel like they're kicking back on a Southern porch and just having a good time. On stage, she fulfills a desire she's had for years through a profound connection between Marks and her fans. "It feels like I am home, communicating to my family and finally being heard," she says. "I loved Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson when everyone else was into grunge," she says. "I wanted to learn to write like them." Cody has had the great honor of actually meeting and sharing the same stage with Willie Nelson at this past Bikelahoma Festival. During Willie's Randy Crouch, who plays the lapsteel in Willie's band brought Cody back on stage and would not let cody leave stage unless she performed " I came here to party" and "I grow my own reefer" with Willie and co. causing Cody to miss her flight back to LA.

Continually following the Cash's footsteps, Cody performed to inmates at the Sierra Conservation Center in Northern California, achieving one of her lifelong dreams. "Johnny would be proud," she says with a smile. Cody has just returned from a month long tour for the American troops. The tour went to Gitmo (Cuba) Hondauras, Pueto Rico and Curacao. Cody Had many troops come up on stage with her to sing, this truly lifted spirits. Cody will be heading to Afghanistan and Iraq in the new year.

Hear Cody's Music Here.