A modern and on trend style, Convulsic brings you his take on Dubstep. From the streets of San Diego California, Convulsic hit the music scene back in 2012 with his debut single “Syndrome”.  Since his debut  Convulsic has had great success with his songs on winning a publishing deal earlier this year, also gains air time on many underground and internet radio stations, all this while building a dedicated fan base.

Convulsic creates a Dubstep style with an electronic sound and intense beats. You will find his tracks give you a feeling of energy and uplift. With heavy bass, memorable lyrical samples and almost space like sounds his new EP “Love Space” will have you dreaming of the celestials. The new track is a masterpiece of thought provoking sounds. Inspired by the likes of Skrillex, founding artist of the Dubstep style, Convulsic has been working on creating his own unique electro, base filled and trance like sound. When listening to any of his tracks, you can really get a sense of the passion that Convulsic writes with.

His soul aim is to become the very cream of Dubstep, making San Diego the heart of the Dubstep scene and smashing the bar set by the likes of Skrillex and Flux Pavilion. With sounds like that of “Syndrome” and “Love Space” he is sure to break the mold and pave the way for even bigger and better things.

Hear Convulsic's Music Here.