Cuchata blends aspects of traditional and experimental music into their unique Latin Alternative sound. However, this genre only incorporates some meaning of their original compositions, which are influenced by afro-latin traditions and elements of rock, hip-hop, drum and bass, avante-garde jazz, dub reggae and afro-beat. The initial inspiration for Cuchata occurred when guitarist/singer/songwriter Marcelo E. Quinonez made a pilgrimage to his ancestral grounds of Nicaragua back in 1999. He became mesmerized by the musical heritage of his homeland. The band formed in 2000, and their first release exemplified a multicultural musical conglomeration, with influences from Nicaragua, Peru, Cuba and Columbia, as well as Caribbean and Central American vocal flavors and Pampas rhythms from Paraguay and Argentina. After several years of traveling, Marcelo returned to America with a mission. As he had become disenchanted of the idea of a single culture, he began to embrace multiple cultures for their uniqueness and musical influences. It is this concept which led to the integrative sounds that became Cuchata. Since the first self-titled release, Cuchata has grown musically, combining elements from new cultural styles to continually hybridize their sound. Their newest release, Sangre Mixto, shows the diversity of their style, and their talent for integrating ancient to modern influences to make their unique musical flow. Sangre Mixto is a departure from the acoustic trio sound, introducing electric guitar and brass, as well as experimenting with English lyrics. One of the singles, Dos Pajaros, one of the few love songs on the cd, actively combines all of the instruments and cultural influences to symbolize the freedom of embracing new change in life. Sistema Mayoridad is a personal tribute to Fela Kuti both lyrically and musically; blending in Afro-beat to the Cuchata sound. Another song, Janke, describes the conflict of cultural identity: being bi-racial in America and then returning to an ancestral homeland and still feeling lost. All of the songs are gracefully put together and serve as perfect examples of how a band can both fit into a genre and challenge it at the same time.

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