Daniel Singer

Hmm. What can I say about me... Ok I was born in Switzerland where I lived for a while before coming to Jamaica. As far back as I can remember I was a lover of music! I have always had a mind that wants to know how everything works and will stop at nothing to find out. My mother taught me to play the piano from a very young age. I can remember playing with a lot of keyboards and sequencing equipment back in the early 90's and being the geek that I am I figured out quickly how it all worked and that jumpstarted my passion for creating my own sounds!


I'm a lover of life and people and have a great passion for traveling and seeking knowledge. I have been in the professional music scene from about 2003 where I have done mostly remixes along side my personal experiments that I tend to keep to myself.


My style leans mostly towards techno/trance/dub/reggae and a little of anything I feel like throwing in there. Even though I have been living in Jamaica ,most of my sound tends to be very European. I guess its a strong gene in me. Now I hope to share my music with the world and go as far as it can take me! Music is life so live it!!! Here me now! Search Daniel’s music through our search engine.

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