DICHOTIC is a band that resides in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. DICHOTIC currently tours the Green Bay, Fox Cities, Appleton, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Madison and Milwaukee areas of Wisconsin.

Since the inception of the current lineup (2005), DICHOTIC has undergone a drastic quantum leap in creativity and songwriting virtuosity. The writing style is heavily influenced by a variety of aggressive metal flavors and true to the name DICHOTIC, which basically means a type of listening perception from multiple angles.

The music sidesteps conventional metal styles so prominent in today’s heavily saturated metal arena but remains loyal to the aggressive side of the musical spectrum. Dark, powerful, crushing, fun and intelligent is the signature style of DICHOTIC. The guitar sounds leap forward from the skilled hands of Aaron and Ace with a killer since of urgency. However, their rhythm/lead trade-off style never over power the crushing percussive groove provided by Jake and the powerful bass lines of Bronz. The musicianship is simply superb. It provides a foundation for the searing/growling vocals of Jester Exodus whose ominous presence can be felt both on disc and on stage.

If you sit on the fence and observe the many styles of metal and have yet to embrace a favorite, then DICHOTIC may be for you. If you have many favorites, add DICHOTIC to your collection. If you’re already a fan, you are *uckin set!

Truth be told, DICHOTIC is a musical force to be reckoned with, so give them a spin and see them live. They kick major ass!!

Hear Dichotic's Music Here.