Drop Sixx

Truly original sound and powerful stage presence. A versatile yet uncompromising force on the heavy music front... DROP SIX is the premier hard rock band in the Pacific Northwest . Projecting extraordinary amounts of energy through hard-hitting dynamics which stress the music's uninhibited extremes, the band's live performance is absolutely explosive. As they have turned clubs all over the Seattle area into frenzied, sweat-drenched swarms of sonic-driven fury time and time again and ventured to a variety of outdoor music festivals in the Northwest where they have rocked crowds of thousands, DROP SIX consistently receives unbelievable crowd response. The intense exchange between the stage and the audience keeps both the band and the fans wanting more. It is this consistency that has pushed them to the top of their game and proved their universal appeal, which has also afforded them the opportunity to share the stage with such acts as Mudvayne, Fear Factory, Drowning Pool, Ill Nino, Static X, Crossfade, Powerman 5000 and many others. DROP SIX is indeed doing something right, and doing it all independently. 


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