2011 saw FallsStart trail-blaze forward into preparations for their latest record, ‘Our Summer’. Uniting in Florida and testing material amongst the local audiences, FallsStart has really just begun.
Casūs Incīpīunt – FallsStart’s first album is more than just an album title, it’s the physical manifestation of the group’s hard work and dedication to their craft; the realization of a musical vision by way of fierce guitar work, pounding rhythms, and searing vocals. The three-piece band, comprised of singer/rhythm guitarist/bassist/violinist Leatherwood, lead guitarist/manager Adrian Cottmeyer, and drummer Jaron Seuis, combines the best of their wide-ranging influences and hard-nosed technical proficiency to create something wholly their own. A ridiculous amount of emotion was put into these tunes by each member of the band and the entire production staff. It was unlike anything we had ever experienced.
After years of being holed-up for hours practicing in garages and living rooms, for weeks on end, fine-tuning their songs and refining their skills, FallsStart is ready to break out of the local scene and onto the national circuit.
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