Flavio Medeiros

Born in Santos/São Paulo – BRAZIL, now residing in Los Angeles, California - USA
Flavio is a musician, composer, arranger, sound engineer, and musical producer. He started his career at the age 15. He played in the best bands in clubs in Santos/SP, with high-end musicians. During three years as a musician, he achieved the ability, creativity and professionalism that he possesses today. He built his first studio in 1990 and since then he has never stopped creating TV Commercial soundtracks and publicity jingles. Currently, he works for agencies all over the country, exporting creativity and providing services in different musical areas. The quality of his work is demonstrated in facts. Flavio Medeiros produced more the one thousand publicity pieces. Flavio’s clients are so satisfied with their results that they refuse to update their messages, keeping Flavio’s original jingles to present day. Flavio Medeiros has been a finalist eight times and has won the “Professionais do Ano Award”, hosted by Rede Globo Television, three times. Three movie award winners used his sound and music composition. The Album Short Stories “Babi Mendes” was one of the three finalist at the “ 23ºFestival da Musica Brasileira” – 2012. Many famous musicians have used his studio including, famous artists from the Brazilian television. Albums produced and recorded by Flavio have been published in UK, Japan, Canada, Brazil and Angola. In his website you can find a variety of this producer’s work and find out more about his career.

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