Go Like Hell

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, for one night only at the Tacoma Dome, Go Like Hell! They are a lean, mean, punk rock machine technically referred to as a weapon of mass destruction, and guess what, they think you are dumb, fat and ugly. You better run like hell because this outrageous five piece is coming to a town near you. Go Like Hell will kick you in the balls, bust up your face, and kick your ass into outer space. With a sound that captures the essence of Kiss and the big loud rock of the Hellacopters you get a band that is big, loud, and in your face. Alexi Voids (formerly of the Genitorturers) vocals will cut you. Dick Whiskey (formerly of the Pleasure Elite), on drums, will drink all your whisky while bangin your girlfriend and your sister too. Luvvlegs (formerly of the Pleasure Elite), on guitar/vocals, will play Malcolm Youngs Gretsch while wearing your mamas favorite panties. Reverend Spike Hell (formerly of Harris Lux), on bass, will tickle your ball sack while playing his favorite Man-o-war bass. Elvis Christ (formerly of Public Nuisance), with his pretty boy looks on guitar, will lick your face and leave you begging for more. You better be ready for this, because they are not taking no for an answer!
Go Like Hells live show is what sets the band apart. In fact, The Misfits have been known to indulge in an entire show. Full of personality, sexuality, and unbridled passion, they play with a sense of urgency and a set full of unexpected surprises. You might say that watching them live is like looking down the barrel of a loaded gun.
And another thing, the new album, Hell Bent Rock N Roll, pays homage to but does not emulate bands like Motorhead, Plasmatics, AC/DC, Kiss, and the Hellacopters. The bottom line is that Go Like Hell is just a garage band that loves to play and entertain. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new favorite band!

Hear Go Like Hell's Music Here.