Goodbye Blue Monday

Some artists struggle to find their voice.

Some copy what will give them their 15 minutes of fame.

Then there are some that hold true to their originality and set themselves apart from the rest. Alex Johnson is that artist. The upcoming release of his single ‘Miles Apart’ is already creating a buzz that will capture fans looking for something new and fresh. With his hook filled choruses, listeners won’t be able to ignore.

A city boy from California who moved to North Carolina in his teens, Alex was infatuated with music ever since he was a little boy but wasn’t interested in songwriting until he was 14. He explains...

“ I remember my dad and I would just hangout and listen to his
records and I would dance and play air guitar for hours. It wasn’t until
he bought me my first guitar that I fell in love with songwriting ”

In high school Alex played sports but once music came into the picture he dropped it all in search of a band. Gaining local exposure but always hitting dead ends with undedicated band members he called it quits and tried giving up music for good.

“ It’s hard to pursue your dreams when you can only hold a
part time job so you have no money, your parents are telling you
to go back to school and it feels like the world is against you.
Living without writing and performing music, I felt like half a person.
I got a great full time job but it wasn’t fulfilling to me. I had to
try again but this time, just me ”

Two years went by and he’d had enough! He quickly started writing again and found the name he loved - Goodbye Blue Monday: A quote from a book that he’d read growing up. A sarcastic saying that American soldiers in World War II would paint on the bombs they would drop. Listen to Goodbye Blue Mondays debut release 'Miles Apart’ on iTunes now.

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