Grendel Dark

Grendel Dark is an independent electronic music producer from Austin, Texas. His music ranges over a broad spectrum of soundscapes while blending elements of different electronic genres, Grendel Dark creates a dark musical landscape that is perfect for the modern age.  His unique sound has kept him at #1 on the Reverbnation charts for Experimental Electronica in Austin, TX. He has also performed under the name Grendel Somethingstyxxx for the Pop-Tart Pistols, an experimental noise-pop group.

Grendel Dark's love for music began at an early age and began with piano lessons at the age of 7. He also played trombone for his middle and high school bands. He is also a self-taught guitar player. Using his keyboards, synths, guitars, and his love for audio engineering Grendel Dark crafts a unique sound that is all his own.

Grendel Dark's debut album Dimensional Expansion is available now on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and other fine retailers. Featuring hit songs such as Touch Me, Pushing the Ohh, and Grey Alien.

Hear Grendel Dark's Music Here.