Jackson-X is an uncompromising, multi-talented young artist that strives to have his presence felt.

Jackson-X mixes a potent alchemy of haunting melodies with a dark potion of heart pounding grooves that leads Jackson-X and his followers to a new dimension of yearning and hunger.
 Jackson-X hails from Oshawa, Ontario, a small city, forty miles east of Toronto. For the past 5 years, Jackson has been honing his extraordinary entertaining skills as Canada’s foremost junior Elvis Impersonator, wowing crowds across Canada and NY.

Beginning in Nov 2013, Jackson-X has been in the studio recording tracks for this `Bubby Rock`EP. The `Bubby Rock`EP is dedicated to Jackson`s Big Little Brother, Maxwell Begley (aka Bubby Rock). Bubby has always been Jackson`s biggest fan and is the best A/R guy in the business. He`ll let Jackson know right away what Sucks and what is Right ON... You may also remember Maxwell Begley as the child that the Hate Letters towards autism were directed to. Jackson actually wrote `Don`t Bring Me Down` as a sort of Anti-Bullying anthem in defence of his younger brother.

The EP was co-written by Jackson-X and James Begley, produced by Jesse Colburn (Avril Lavigne) and James Begley. The songs showcase Jackson-X’s powerful vocals and his unique musical taste.
Jackson-X would love to come to your town and perform his high energy act.

Hear Jackson-X's Music Here.