Javelyn = Soothing the heart, while kicking the butt.

Javelyn, an award-winning artist whose music and voice shoot straight to the heart, while kicking one's butt - mixing melodic highs and lows to the funky beat of the street. Javelyn is one of the freshest rising stars in the indie music world on the music scene, an artist for the life and times in which we live – A three-time winner of the prestigious "Rockies" award for "Best Female Solo Artist of the Year" and "Best Folk Artist" from Rock City News (Los Angeles), Javelyn is "A singular breath of refreshing sound in today's sea of plurality." DJ J.P. Morgan - WDMG, Douglas, Georgia; “Not the same ol', same ol', but something fresh and new." DJ Desiree Douglas - KWXX, Hilo, Hawaii.

A voting member of the Grammy’s (after over 8 national releases), Javelyn has played extensively in and around Los Angeles, and done two small national tours.

Surrounded by “old school” and “new school” musicians and producers, Javelyn has consistently put out quality CDs, radio-friendly and toonz that hum in your head. Her most recent CD "Bustin' Loose" is upbeat, with a few dance tunes added, available online or via iTunes, as are all her cuts from her first two CDs. She has multiple music videos to her name, including two live videos, all available for viewing on the Internet.

To sum up Javelyn takes what one reviewer said: “She is an inspirational talent that is overflowing with resourceful vigor that is indeed rare and special in today’s cesspool of manufactured pop stars. This is the real deal, straight up with no BS. If you are looking for pure pop-rock magic ready to whisk you off to another time and place that already lives inside you, this CD is your ticket there. ” MusikMan, Staff Writer at MuzicReviews.com 

Javelyn = an artist who shoots straight to the heart and soul while kicking the butt.....

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