Jeff Brooks Quartet

The Jeff Brooks Quartet Bio
In 2007, Jeffrey Brooks, clarinetist, formed the Jeff Brooks Quartet, which actually consists of five musicians including clarinets, piano, drums, and two simultaneous bass players. This enables the band to create music that will take you to new places, while playing different jazz styles—including: band member originals, modern, classical cross-over, bebop, and depression era jazz—the Quartet offers a riveting and interactive audience friendly show. The Jeff Brooks Quartet performs throughout the northwest at a variety of venues and festivals, and released their debut album, “One Take”, with the Jeff Brooks Quartet, which includes 6 Jeff Brooks originals, 2 Jeff Brooks cross-over arrangements, and a Dave Metzger tune, on July 26, 2008 at their 9:30 pm Jazz in the Valley Festival performance. The album is available at,, and will be available at,, and other on-line download sites.

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