John Jackson

When I was 8 years old I saw the Sex Pistols on television performing Pretty Vacant. That was it! I knew from that moment that I wanted to play the guitar, be in a rock band and make lots of noise!
Ten years later I was in a band, playing the guitar and making lots of noise. Thrash Metal was our speciality and we soon signed to a small independent label. Our first album was released and touring followed. The album found its way to the late, great John Peel who, live on BBC Radio 1, described it as 'pretty damn good'.
By the time the second album was released I had left the band. Several of my songs remained on the album and I’m still very proud of my thrash metal days!
My departure from the world of metal was mainly due to my growing interest in the 'Britpop' scene that was taking over the UK at the time. Bands such as Oasis and Blur heavily influenced my writing and together with a group of like-minded friends gigging around the UK commenced once again.

That was the story until 2010. I had pretty much given up playing the guitar whilst my family came along! Then one day I thought 'I’m going to write some songs'. The style which quickly developed still contained tones of rock music but with a singer, songwriter feel.

I still love anything with a loud guitar and have never forgotten the feeling I had when I saw the pistols on television that night. These days though, I’ve mellowed and influences range anywhere from Sheryl Crow to Bruce Springsteen to Lifehouse to The Offspring.

Through changing interests music has always been my one constant. I am totally addicted to song writing and can only hope the best is yet to come!

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