Joshua Scott

Seattle-based singer/songwriter Joshua Scott’s uncanny use of language appeals to audiences ages 16 to 60. Lyrics such as, “I am a tailor by trade, a man of design; these colored clothes that I've made are sewn to inspire your every desire” from the song “Your Every Desire” and “I walk alone down these city streets, memory sings, memory speaks, memories grow like wildflowers on my lawn. I have no place to hide, I have nothing to decide. All I do is put my fingers on the strings, and memory sings” from the song “Memory Sings” are testament to Joshua’s talent of turning the everyday into the momentous.

Joshua bridges the gap between literary influences and pop music. He gleams words from passers-by, politics, social and philosophical views and takes a common idiom like “long story short” and creates a story in verse, as he writes “with your fingers you trace, every line on my face and we’re driving on yesterday’s wheels, there’s a hawk in a tree and its eyes follow me as if it knows how it feels, to try to explain why I’m drawn to the rain in your eyes, but I have to resort, to the long story short, it was love and that’s all, that I was looking for, that’s the long story short.”

Influenced by Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and Leonard Cohen, Joshua has been likened to Jakob Dylan, Marc Knopfler Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. Critics have written that Joshua's songs are  "a remarkable mixture of freshness and urgency, incorporating the best discoveries of the 60's into a contemporary sensibility which is attractive and coherent" and that Joshua "sings, plays, produces, and writes songs that bore into a listener's everyday psyche...wraps intelligent, imaginative lyrics inside unobtrusively appealing melodies.”

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