Kat Parra

Kat Parra takes her listeners on a musical journey around the globe that is full of passion, combining the voice with instruments and rhythms to create a vibrant and exotic world music sound. The majority of the songs have been created with a sparseness to showcase her vocal ability with varied instrumentation. With influences from classical music, salsa, afro-cuban, middle-eastern, afro-peruvian and all the way to the ancient sounds of Sephardic music, it is amazing how well all these different styles live so harmoniously together! Her music features sparkling arrangements by Latin jazz heavyweights Murray Low, Wayne Wallace, David Pinto (Susana Baca), and Mads Tolling.

Parra has leapt beyond the boundaries of the typical Latin jazz singer. With her thirst for the exploration of myriad world rhythms and tonalities, she has developed a style of music that encompasses sounds of Afro-Cuban, Peruvian, Middle Eastern, South American folklore, and Nueva Trova that transcend and bend the stereotypical definition of Latin jazz.
In addition to singing fluently in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Parra has the rare ability to sing in the dying language of Ladino, or Judeo-Espanyol, which enables her to interpret Sephardic music. This is the language of the Spanish Jews, an antiquated form of Castilian that also includes words from Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish and many other languages. It is an amalgamation of the Sephardic Diaspora, and it is her small way of helping to preserve this language. It is still spoken, but in very few places and mainly by the older generations in Turkey, Israel and in homes across the globe.
Listen for yourself and enjoy Parra’s multi-lingual, exciting, vibrant World and Latin music.

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