Kilindu is a portugese Latin, Latin Jazz, World Music, Fado, Afro Cuban band from Lisbon. Composer and latin jazz guitar player Pedro Duarte, joined vocalist João Pedreira and Joaquim Preto, to conceive a musical bridge across continents from Europe (Portugal), to America (Brazil) and to Africa (Angola). 

Now they’ve come together to create their own music, resulting in a very active online fan base working hard to spread the music. It’s their support allowing them to play gigs such as Optimus Alive 2013, where they supported the big bands like of Kings of Leon.

Picture yourself on the balcony of Lord Byrons favorite Cintra’s Palace in old continental Portugal over seeing a Cape Verte island beach, having a Cuban Mojito, listening to the percussive sound of Brazilian toucans and hundreds of macaws and other parrots as they descend to a river bank where you see and hear the ensemble choir of bantu women dressed in bright colours that sing heavenly chants sung to the contrasting percussive jungle drums… and then you see you are in the same room where Jobin and Carlos Santana is playing with Jim Morrison and Amalia Rodrigues, joining them George Benson, Cesaria Evora and Bono Vox… color everything with the sweetness and kick of Port Wine with the scent of cinnamon and rosemary, shake firmly only twice… Done!

Whether it’s Portuguese ‘Fado’ music, Cape Verde’s traditional ‘Morna’, Brazilian ‘Samba’, Bossa Nova or Cuba’s ‘Habanera’, it is a blend of Latin jazz and Indie World Music traditions that serves their debut single well and makes them unique.

The band has received five stars reviews form critics and producers all around the world, BillBoard's Chuck Taylor affirmed
"The performance is beautifully delivered and polished to perfection!" and "I can imagine myself sitting by the water in a tropical paradise sipping margaritas while listening to the band… The recorded version creates that rare “visual” performance that is not an easy accomplishment", and Hollywood producer Charlie Mac affirmed "great song".
For the next album multi platinum Grammy winner producer Bob Cutarella has partnered up with Kilindu.

Have a listen to their great single “O Que o Futuro Nos Traz”.

Her Kilindu's Music Here.