Loud As Lions

Loud as Lions is singer/songwriter Matt Luoto's life in song. He writes catchy songs about life and love in a honest and heartfelt way. Spending his childhood in Oregon he learned the attitude and toughness of the old west songwriters and when he moved to Venice Beach, he brought that attitude and melded it with a more contemporary vibe that gives the music a modern edge.
For his debut, Matt recruited Seen Robinson, Rick McKay and Tom Demers to help with the recording. All veterans of the LA scene, they brought Matt's songs to life with layering of drums, keyboards and electric guitars.
Loud as Lions has a very dynamic and cinematic quality to its music whether it’s the pulsating rhythm of “No One Knows,” the anthemic “Here I Am,” the crushing heartache of “Rain Song,” or the spaghetti western inspired sound of “Somewhere in the Desert,” the songs are versatile and emotionally driven.

Hear Loud As Lion's Music Here.