Marlie Pesek

Thank you for visiting me. I hope you enjoy the music and a little bit of my life through the following songs. Every day is a new day in all aspects of life. Sometimes we may get lost or falter, but that is where wisdom is derived. Have a seat, press play and let’s see where this trip takes us.

Music has always been a very important part of my life from the very beginning. Even before I can remember, I was singing songs and melodies for family, friends and anyone who would listen. This passion only grew through childhood and presented the opportunity to join the Seattle Children’s Chorus and the highly esteemed Seattle Chamber Choir. At ten, I made my “star debut” when I sang the national anthem in front of 17,000 people at a Seattle Supersonics game. I remembered the words!
With age, my love of music and song writing continued to grow. Performing with local bands or as a solo act came naturally. Not allowing one city to be my home, I decided to study at Berklee in Boston in hopes of taking my talents to a new artistic level and experience rebirth as an artist. Now my time is filled with my passion, traveling between Boston and Seattle writing, recording and mixing my experiences in what you hear.

Music is the soundscape of our lives that covers a wide range of emotions and issues- moral, social and personal. In this, art is the blessing of creating or recapturing an emotion or memory. It is indescribable to portray this gift and at time difficult to accept. I hope that my music can be a keepsake for the long journey we all face on the roads ahead.
Have a seat, press play and let’s see where this trip takes us.

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