Inspired by a colorful range of classic songstresses like Nina Simone, Janis Joplin and contemporary influences like The Black Keys, Amy Winehouse and Mos Def, Los Angeles born artist, Marushka is quickly distinguishing herself as a versatile force of musical innovation.

With writing skills that belies her years, the debut EP “Staring Back At Me”, stuns and surprises, creating a unique style of combination Blues-infused-Hip Hop, invigorating long beloved drum sounds with soulful bass lines, sultry vocals and alluring electronics. Head nods to the beat and hips bounce back and forth, but never at the compromise of compelling, poetically timeless lyrics.

Where it began: As a child, Marushka stood constantly before the family fireplace, harassing every new stranger with songs and concocted melodies across the monkey bars to keep herself company.

“I heard the tape turning over in my mother’s karaoke machine, which mumbled, at all hours, Billie Holiday," Marushka recalls. "Being a kid was crazy, we moved around a lot. Things were tough at times. But there was always music. Even when there wasn't much to eat or spend, there was music. ”

Spending years barefoot on Hawaiian shores, strumming her grandmother’s ukulele and later running rampant, adolescent wild, howling to her father’s Pink Floyd records, Marushka finally reached the rocky piers and monstrous steel of New York City at 18, heart broken and wallet busted, is where she fell in love with her best friend’s guitar.

After taking to the Hudson Valley, writing "the weirdest novel ever" and running back to Manhattan, she drove across country back to Los Angeles, set up her turntables, candles, crystals and harmonicas on a pile of books near the tin can windows of an airstream trailer her parents let her park outside, and got to work writing.

"Somewhere in this situation of flyby nights and long mornings," Marushka says, "crazy challenges and hard looks in the mirror, she decided there was no turning back."

Princess Blue is Proud to Present to you, Exclusively, for your consideration, Marushka

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