Matt Coe

Matt know as "Melodious" Coe, is a song writer/composer/producer/sound designer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist. He grew up in Seattle during the grunge rage and never joined a grunge band- although he was in a bunch of other bands: Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz Fusion, Choir, Improv, and Hip Hop. He then moved to LA (started installing ProTools systems for $$) and Coolio told him to marry a rich woman. He never did. He's been in LA 10 years now and has met some amazing people and played music in some amazing places. He has scored music, and implemented sound design for an MMORPG fantasy game, and some app games as well! Matt also scored network cues for MGM, Paramount and CBS. He's written some really ridiculous music for MTV, VH1, E!, WWE, ION, OWN and Oxygen networks. He also wrote some cool pieces for LA Theatre Works, and if you haven't listened to the show on NPR, it's pretty cool! He's written some film music you've never heard, and has just finished a 4 part piece for a Cirque Du Soleil fire dance routine. Matt is also working on a bunch of acoustic music right now for an album, and as a producer for a bunch of artists as well.

Hear Matt Coe's Music Here.